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Gauchada represents the true revolution. It is a cooperative concept, where producers are protagonists in the solution to an old problem: connectivity in rural areas. It is a commitment to the common good above personal benefit.

Why Gauchada?

Gauchada: the proposition

Imagine for a moment that YOUR Ag Coverage  can be used by any other producer that also has a Remote Ag-Point, in exchange, you will be able to use any Ag Coverage available (from other producers that have an Ag-Point Base). As always we will be applying the criteria of “Essential Connectivity” , sharing Ag Coverage with others will have a negligible impact on you and the benefit of being able to use any available, beyond your field, or even on your field if it is covered by a neighbor's Ag Coverage. When you leave your Ag Cover,age you can use your neighbor's Coverage, and vice versa.

Protected Intellectual Property – Leg. No. RL-2022-20425105-APN-DNDA#MJ 

If you are interested in being part of this real green revolution, subscribe to our news, we plan to launch in October 2022 with a small group of nominated producers!

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