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The way to eliminate rural isolation

VERTREV is engine of change based on innovation 

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Better for one, better for all

Adding wills, it is possible to have the necessary and sufficient connectivity to eliminate isolation and provide support to production processes in rural areas. That is why we created Gauchada, a concept that invites you to be the real change protagonist

Essential Connectivity

VERTREV enables producers to eliminate the isolation in which they find themselves using "essential connectivity"

that gives Ag Coverage:  a new concept specially designed for agriculture.


Technological innovation

VERTREV solutions are based on new technologies and standards that are already part of the 4.0 Revolution, but with a unique and innovative design that allows the connectivity available in a place to be extended to kilometers away, at a very low cost and with sufficient features to cover the basic needs.

Basic needs

VERTREV arrives to establish essential connectivity between people, to modernize  processes and to develop the Internet of Things in isolated areas, creating new digital ecosystems and strengthening existing ones.


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VERTREV incubated by CREA Argentina

VERTREV is born and immediately incubated by CREA Argentina




A year of research and many conversations with growers across the country revealed that we needed to redefine our value proposition.


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